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The objective of this blog is to advocate, educate and inform my readers by providing an 'insiders view' to the screening, assessment and interventions for adults with Asperger's Syndrome (AS). Timely articles and postings will include topics such as screening, evaluation, self-manangement techniques, specific differences, evidence-based interventions (EBI), Alternative Behavioural Analyses (ABA) and much more.

As a trained counsellor, I was recently diagnosed AS and so this blog also dares to share part of my own journey through assessment & adjustment -- and eventually seeing the issue "with new eyes"; and other salient issues that might affect those struggling to come to grips with their diagnosis (especially those diagnosed later in life, like I was).

Created as a practical and useful resource, this blog will attempt to offer its visitors essential information -- hopefully useful for informing other counsellors & mental health professionals, advocates, barristers, Special Ed instructors, and, most of all, for those NT adults with "Spectrumite" partners.

Monday, 14 November 2011

American Chronicle | Is there more to Professor Simon Baron-Cohen than meets the eye?

What do you reckon about the views presented here?

American Chronicle Is there more to Professor Simon Baron-Cohen than meets the eye?

Polly Tommey interviews Lisa C. Blakemore-Brown, Psychologist

We're not being listened to, accordng to experts in the ASD.  Many tragedies are going on due to (a) ignorance, (b) expediency and (c) improper communications between those on the ASD, their parents/caregivers and the legal system...

Polly Tommey interviews Lisa C. Blakemore-Brown who describes how Autistic persons are going to prison wrongfully in epidemic proportions!  Suppression of information, legal bungles and governmental changes in legislation -- all lead to increasing suffering in ASD communities.  See